LittleBIGFest Music and Arts Festival Mission Statement


Founded in 2018, LittleBigFest—a nonprofit organization—is dedicated to supporting a continuously thriving music and arts culture on Whidbey Island, providing scholarships for music and arts education through an annual 3-day music festival and other community events.


From the Desk of Keegan Harshman:

As the founder of a vibrant and lively growing annual music and arts festival, LittleBIGFest, in Langley, WA on Whidbey Island, I am thrilled to share the latest update from the heart of our festival's journey!

LittleBIGFest is dedicated to celebrating live music & the arts, promoting music education through community scholarships, showcasing local visual artists and providing an unforgettably fun and amazing festival experience for all!

Our core mission at LittleBIGFest has always been to create a weekend filled with exceptional live performances, a diverse showcase of arts, delicious food, invigorating drinks, rejuvenating sessions from various local healing artists, enlightening workshops such as group pilates & even a very special outdoor edition of Whidbey Islands' PrayerBody dance group! This is all centered around a family-friendly entertainment environment where a wealth of unforgettable memories for our cherished community can be created.

Integral to this mission is our commitment to inclusivity.

We strive to ensure that our festival is a welcoming space where individuals from all walks of life can come together to celebrate and participate. This means featuring a lineup that reflects the diversity of our community in terms of culture, ethnicity, and artistic expression. We also emphasize accessibility in all our offerings, from food and drink selections that cater to various dietary needs and preferences to ensuring that our venues are accessible to all, including those with mobility challenges.

By fostering an environment that respects and embraces differences, we aim to enrich the festival experience for everyone, making LittleBIGFest a true reflection of the vibrant, diverse community we serve.

After carefully navigating through the challenges of recent years, we are overjoyed to declare the grand return of our festival, poised to be the most remarkable edition yet.

The year 2023 marked a monumental milestone for us.

We successfully hosted the event for the first time at the Langley Fairgrounds, a decision that elevated the festival experience to new heights. The event was a resounding success, featuring an impressive lineup of 26 bands that enchanted the audience with their musical prowess.

Alongside the musical feast, the festival was a haven for 30+ vendors who added a vibrant flair with their unique offerings. The atmosphere was electric, the spirits high, and the memories created were truly magical.

As we eagerly anticipate 2024, our enthusiasm is at an all-time high.

We're committed to making the upcoming festival even more extraordinary, with ambitious plans to enrich every facet of the event. Expect an even more dynamic lineup of performers, a greater variety of vendors, and a wider array of activities that guarantee next year's festival will be an event you won't want to miss.

To continue hosting these incredible experiences and to further our mission of supporting the arts and nurturing musical talent, we invite you to join us in making this vision a reality. There are two primary ways you can support LittleBIGFest: by making a donation or by pre-ordering tickets for the next festival. Your donations are instrumental in helping us create a vibrant platform for artists and musicians, while pre-ordering tickets not only secures your spot at the event but also provides vital early funding for our planning and execution.

Every contribution, whether it's a donation or a ticket pre-order, makes a significant impact.

Your support helps us sustain and grow the festival, ensuring that it remains a beacon of culture and creativity in our community. We are grateful for your generosity and enthusiasm, and we can't wait to welcome you to what promises to be an even more memorable and exciting LittleBIGFest in 2024.

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey. Your support fuels our passion and makes it possible to bring our dream of a vibrant, community-focused festival to life, year after year.

We look forward to seeing you at LittleBIGFest 2024 for an unforgettable celebration of music, art, and community spirit!

See you on the festival grounds in 2024!

Keegan Harshman