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One of the coolest features winamp back in the day was listing to music and making the visualizer do cool things on your screen ….  the modifications available with the MILKDROP plugin would allow you (for hours and hours) to dive super far into listening good music and making the groovy visual on your screen more specifically groovy by using the math of vector based calculus like functions and algorithms … it was a whole vibe …  

MilkDrop Visual Video Demo

This Winamp based visualizer plugin in 1998 allowed the user to modify the algorithms of what the system outputs to the screen visualizer based on beat detection and a whole bunch of abstract looking calculus like math that the MilkDrop interface explains what each variable does next to it in how it creates its interface so just by changing one digit in the “rotation speed” of a shapes beat the detection allows you a ton of control over the visuals on your screen if you wanna journey down the rabbit hole, it can be both fun and mesmerizing.

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